Everything you need to know about Kentucky Derby 2018

The 144th Kentucky Derby is coming up soon. The 2018 Kentucky Derby is scheduled to take place at the Churchhill Downs on May 5th, 2018. There are some facts at the Kentucky Derby that every fan and everyone that is going to bet on the horse race should know.

Several facts we should know about The Kentucky Derby 2018


The name of the horse that is picked to win this year is called Bolt d’Oro. The horse is picked to come in first place and has won many races in the past two years. This horse is the son of winners and first appeared in the Del Mar race. The horse won the race by 2 1/3 lengths and was ranked number five. The horse quickly went in points and is now picked with three to one odds. The horse that is picked to come in second is Enticed, followed by Bravazo in third, and Promised Fulfillment picked to come in fourth place.

Biggest Odds

Flameaway is the horse that is picked to finish the race in last place. This horse did make a name in several famous races but since then things have not been going so well for the horse. Flameaway is returning to the track for the first time since 2017. The horse can run in dirt that is wet or dry. While the odds are higher do not count Flameaway out of the race.


People from all over the world travel to attend the Kentucky Derby and see the horse race live. The area can hold over 150,000 people. This crowd has larger attendance than the World Services and even the Super Bowl. There have been over 400 new restroom stall installed making it more comfortable for the guests. It may be a little hard to find friends and family in the crowd so it is recommended that they travel together.

Additional Safety Measures

Security is the number one concern of many people and security is also important for those in attendance at the Kentucky Derby. Federal law enforcement will have a strong presence at this event. There are additional security measures that go into place this year. A purse that is longer than one foot will not be allowed in. laptops and cameras with detachable lenses are also prohibited. The large and decorative hats are still allowed. The bigger the hat is the better it will look.

Tickets to the Event

Tickets to the Kentucky Derby are non transferrable and they are non refundable. The tickets need to be picked up at the gate. They will not be accepted through email or mailed to the ticket holder. If a person cannot make the event they can resell their ticket through the authorized site Kentucky Derby Ticket Exchange only. There will be law enforcement on the grounds to prevent scalping.

Racing App

If a person cannot make the event live or they will not be in front of their television screen it does not mean they will not have access to the Kentucky Derby. They will be able to watch the event live from their smartphone. There are a number of new features that were added to the app as well. The Kentucky Derby app can be accessed from the Churchhill Downs Racing App. The app will post the odds on the horses live as they change. They will provide tips for betting on the race as well. There will be live footage of what is happening trackside before and after the race. There will be updated Derby news including the latest information about racing. If a person is at the race they can use this app for a number of things as well. They can use the app to find the section for their seats. They can also order food and beverages with their app and go to the express delivery line to pick up their food. For a small fee a person can have the food or beverage delivered right to their seat. There is a feature that all adults can enjoy with their app. They can place their bets on the race right from their phone. They do not have to wait in line and can get their bets in right away. The race will also be streamed live so a person can see it no matter where they are.

The Hats

The Kentucky Derby has been known for several other things besides horseracing. On this day a person should relax and enjoy a nice mint julep. They should also take pride in their big hats. Even if a person is not attending the event live the day can be made more fun with a big hat. In the past couple of years men have started wearing the big hats as well as women. The hat can be any design as long as it is large and attention getting.

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This is one of the reasons as to why people what this horse race. They like the fun and excitement of betting and the chance to win some money. The odds do change often so a person should place their bet on the horse that they feel comfortable on. Depending on where a person bets they can place a bet for as little as $2 on the horse they think is going to win the race. A person can bet if their horse is going to place or show. This means the horse can come in the top four positions. The greater the odds are on the horse the more money a person can win if the horse comes in first place. The long shots may have the odds against them but if they do win a person can come into a nice amount of prize money.

These are some of the things that a person should know about the 2018 Kentucky Derby. This is the biggest horse race of the year and is the first race in the Triple Crown services. A person can now get all the information they need about the race and watch it live no matter where they may be.

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