Tiz the Law: Manny Franco Kentucky Derby 2020

For the first time, the Kentucky Derby 2020 will not be attended by the attendees. It has already been weird since the pandemic attacked the world. Regardless of the changes, Derby is still a monumental occasion for the trainers, owners, jockeys, as well as the punters who have their own specific goals.

Tiz the Law Kentucky Derby 2020

So, what would be happening on the September 5 race?

Tiz the Law with Manny Franco could approach the finish line with the winning. Well, it is at least the similar scenario which you will be able to attain from your expert’s predictions. If you are asking about how big Tiz the Law as a favorite, then the answer is VERY.

Tiz the Law has been the biggest favorite lately for the good reason. However, we cannot neglect the fact that it will face more challenges in Louisville. As much as the awareness owned by the jockey of the horse, most avid punters know which horse to concern and beat.

Now, the question revolves around the horse capability itself. Can he avoid the injury and bad luck in the field. You know the dynamicity of the field, environment, as well as other x-factors. Ones cannot control fate if the inevitable misfortunate happens to them. The Triple Crown quests are the hard questions.

Tiz the Law should be able to answer the challenges from his challengers. If you are an avid fan, you might have the same question with others: which challengers pose the biggest threat?

There are some contenders to look at.

The first one is Art Collector. It is undefeated in the four races in 2020. Looking at the latest performance of Collector, he did well in the Blue Grass Stakes and Park Derby.

Meanwhile, Honor A.P. is also a considerable contender since it has led the West Coast Challenger although finished as runner-up.

In the class, Tiz the Law is indeed the best horse. But when it comes to the head-to-head showdown at the upcoming event, you could take a look at the Kentucky Oaks on September 4 before making a solid conclusion. This will pit 3-year-old Swiss Skydiver and Gamine. Skydiver has won four of the past five races. Meanwhile, Gamine would be undefeated this year if passing the drug test on May 2.

Baffert and Swiss Skydiver have the potential to the Oaks. When it comes to the raising bars, you could consider to follow the Oaks.

King Guillermo’s name also showed up as the contender. But how it goes is still not sure because he hasn’t run since May 2.

The month’s gap is too huge to conclude its contender’s performance consistency. Back in March, King Guillermo looked pretty intimidating. He won the Tampa Bay Derby. He could match Tiz the Law in any way.

Ny Traffic who has finished second in each of his previous three races also holds a mystery because it never resulted in the Killing performance.

If Tiz the Law is indeed a great horse just like expected by the experts, he must have a chance to attempt.

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