The Rescheduled Kentucky Derby 2020 Due to the Outbreak

Kentucky Derby 2020 is one of the highly anticipated horse racing events this year. The event was attended by fans from various regions and even from other countries. Although enthusiasm was very high, this year’s Derby event was finally rescheduled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. This is the third time the Kentucky Derby has not been held in May and will be write down in history. If you plan to watch from home, there is still plenty of time to set up your television or gadget (computer or Smartphone) first.

The Rescheduled Kentucky Derby 2020 Due to the Outbreak

Kentucky Derby 2020 broadcasts will be accessible starting on Saturday, September 5 through TV networks and online streaming. The derby will be broadcast on the NBC channel starting at midnight ET and for the Kentucky Derby Undercard, it can be watched on NBC Sports. The race will start around 6:31 pm and the race is expected to officially begin at 6:50 pm ET.

Besides watching from TV channels, Kentucky Derby 2020 is available on streaming channels on the NBC Sports App. You can download the NBC Sports application on the iTunes App Store, Roku, Xbox, Google Play, Amazon FireTV, Samsung, and Microsoft.

You can also watch Derby 2020 on the NBC Sports Live website. If you are a cord-cutter, you can watch Derby through television streaming services, such as Hulu TV, YouTube TV, and AT&T TV Now. These streaming channels have a free trial feature so you don’t have to subscribe monthly to watch Derby. Another alternative is through online. On this site, you not only can watch but also make bets. For those who listen via the radio can access via

For fans who want to watch live from Churchill, Downs Backside can directly access the Derby social media on Facebook which starts at 7:15 am ET.

For viewers who are outside of the US and want to watch Kentucky Derby 2020, you may experience problems when streaming. The problem is maybe your streaming network will be blocked geographically.

So that you can watch even if outside the US area, you can watch using VPN (Virtual Private Network). With a VPN you can change your ISP’s Laptop, cellphone, and tablet according to your home country. VPNs are easy to access and use. You will also feel the benefits of the security system when using it for browsing. This way you can keep watching Kentucky Derby 2020 wherever you are!

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