Free Options to watch Kentucky Derby 2021 Live stream Online

Are you looking to watch Kentucky Derby live stream free online? Here I share the Different ways to watch online for free. Those are Reddit stream, forum, live tv streaming services, etc. So, get started!

Kentucky Derby Live stream reddit

How to Stream Kentucky Derby 2021 live Free via Reddit

Reddit is the right social media site to find the streaming links to the Kentucky Derby 2021. Because some avid fans share Kentucky derby race free streaming link in the relevant horse race Reddit community.

So you need to find out those links from Reddit to watch horse race free online. Keep in mind, Reddit is a social community-based platform. It, not a free streaming website and Reddit does not host any live video content of the sports.

If you want to find out those relevant horse race subreddit Reddit or Kentucky Derby free streaming link. Search Kentucky Derby Reddit Stream, Reddit Kentucky Derby Stream, Kentucky derby Reddit, etc.

Free Streaming Link (100% Safe)

Kentucky Derby free streaming via forum

You can bookmark these forums and social media sites which can be the prevalent choice for your deed to watch the Kentucky Derby 2021.

Kentucky Derby Live Stream Free via Live TV Streamers

If you are up to live stream the event, consider using the official option namely NBC Sports Live. You can stream the NBC Sports Network with a live TV streaming service. That means you won’t need to subscribe to any cable or satellite subscription. You could start watching with a trial too.

Here are the top live streaming services that you could check to watch Kentucky Derby live stream without cable.


You could watch NBC Sports Network from the FuboTV live streaming service. FuboTV is a sport-oriented streaming service with ample 80+ channels in its entry-level bundle. The bundle offers the sports networks lineup including NBC Sports.

Besides the sports channels, you will also attain the entertainment channels including AMC, Bravo, USA, HGTV, National Geographic, and more.

As the FuboTV subscriber, you could sign into forty apps including the NBC Sports app. If you have 4K TV, FuboTV will be the best choice for you because it is the only live streaming service which includes sports events experience in 4K HDR.

That consists of the Kentucky Derby games in the NBC Sports Network. You are also eligible to get 30 hours of cloud DVR service, in case there are missing moments you want to capture from the events.

YouTube TV

If you have been familiar with the YouTube platform, YouTube TV is probably the best option for you to catch up with the 146th edition of Kentucky Derby. It offers a lot of new channels including the sports networks like NBC Sports Network. YouTube TV provides local channels as well.

If you also need to see the local channels from your favorite screen, then YouTube TV is the right choice. NBC Sports Network is a part of the YouTube TV channels lineup. It costs $50 per month. You will get unlimited Cloud DVR after subscribing to the package. If you are not sure about its quality, or perhaps you want to watch the event for free, use its free 7-day trial. It only works for a new user, though.

Sling TV

If you are thinking about the budget, you could consider Sling TV as the alternative to live streaming service. Sling TV has three types of bundles which offers a various combination of channels in each package. Since you are interested in watching Kentucky Derby, you could pick the Sling Blue bundle since it includes NBCSN along with the local NBC and FOX stations in most of the parts of the US. The Sling Blue package costs $25 per month. You could also use its 7-day free trial to watch Kentucky Derby 2021 without having to pay a single dime.


If you are on the go and watch the Kentucky Derby from your smartphones, consider picking AT&T TV NOW. It is also a common choice for streaming devices like Apple TV and Roku.

You could subscribe to Plus Package which offers you 40+ channels including NBC Sports Network for fifty bucks per month. It is not the cheapest option. However, it will grant you a free Cloud DVR service and premium channels like HBO, CNN, and Bravo. It also comes with a 7-day free trial which you can use to watch the Kentucky Derby 2021 for free.

Hulu with Live TV

Hulu with Live TV could be the best package to choose for watching Kentucky Derby. Hulu with Live TV costs $64.99 per month. It provides excellent value and features for the price. In this package, you will get live TV channels and their on-demand library. Hulu is compatible with significant streaming devices like Roku, iPhones, Nintendo Switch, and so on. You could also use its free 7-day trial to watch the event for free.

Using TV Antenna

There’s a chance that you are living in an area which reaches the radius of the NBC Channel tower. If you are within their service area, you could attain access for these channels for free. It is simple to know.

You need to go to open the Antenna area searching tool and type your zip code and see if you can capture the signal. With your antenna, you could watch Kentucky Derby 2021 For free.

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